Board of Trustees

The Board consists of elected parents, elected members of our community, an elected staff member, and the principal. They are responsible for the governance, control and management of the school. The board is responsible for determining the direction in which the school is heading. This occurs only after a great deal of consultation with parents, staff and students, to ensure that the school is providing the highest quality of education possible and a safe place for students to learn. The Board meets twice a term on a Wednesday afternoon at 4.00pm in the Board Room, and at other times as required. 
  • Chairperson: Alexandra Davids
  • Deputy Chairpersons: Rebecca George, Robert Woodward
  • Principal: Sandra Smith JP ~
  • Finance:  Rebecca George         
  • Property:  Robert Woodward
  • Health & Safety: Andrea Chick
  • School Policies:     Justin Mitchell      
  • Staff Representative: Darrin Mitchell 
  • Board Governance Advisor: Tom Scollard, STA 
Alexandra Davids
Andrea McGill
Robert Woodward
Justin Mitchell
Sandra Smith
Darrin Mitchell